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Uniswap v2
Uniswap v3
Frequently asked questions
What is Liquidify?We provide a trusted bridge between your NFT and an ERC20 token, ensuring that it is always backed 1:1. We ensure that when you wrap your token in exchange for an NFT, your tokens will always be backed by NFTs from that collection.
What does wrapping/unwrapping mean?When you wrap your NFT you send your specified NFT into a project's Liquidify contract, and receive tokens that are minted on demand.When you unwrap an NFT you send the specified amount of tokens into a project's Liquidify contract which is then burned and you will receive an NFT from the contract.
Do you provide liquidity?No, we provide a way to convert your NFTs into ERC20s. The LP relies on the team behind the project or the community to do so.
Why do I have to approve my NFTs?This is a standard procedure that all NFTs go through when they need to be traded on a protocol (eg. when you trade a collection you haven't before on any NFT marketplace). Liquidify's LNFT contracts only utilizes this to grant you the power to transfer your NFT into the contract (when you wrap).
Which NFT will I get when I unwrap?You will get the last NFT wrapped into the contract for the specific tier/rarity you unwrap for.
I created an LNFT pair, now what?Once you've liquidified your collection and enabled the pair, just start wrapping the NFTs you'd like to fund for the LP. When you're done wrapping the NFTs, just head over to Uniswap and create a liquidity pool.
Will I always be able to trade my tokens for an NFT?Yes, as long as it meets the required tokens. The required tokens are exactly the amount that the NFT was traded for initially. The token to nft amount and the nft to token amount will always be equal and are immutable for each NFT. This is however, subject to rarity if they are enabled for the project.
Why are there no NFTs to unwrap in a tier?The NFTs you can unwrap are based on NFTs that have been wrapped.
Why do I see more than one of the same collection?An infinite number of LNFT pairs can be created for the same collection, they may vary in liquidity pools if you are looking to trade these tokens. Collections with a verified badge show a certain standard of liquidity quality and by no means are an endorsement.
What are the risks?Liquidfy v3 is a permissionless protocol - while our contracts have been thoroughly reviewed, kept minimally complex. It is important to be aware of smart contract risks. Get in touch with us if you find an issue, we offer whitehat bounties.